Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watch Cher Lloyd Covers Usher's "OMG"

Check out this video of Cher Lloyd cover usher smash hit OMG for Billboad magazine .

Video Premiere :Florence + The Machine - Spectrum

Few days ago i posted behind the scenes of Florence + The Machine new music video "Spectrum ", and today the final video is unveiled ,and it is as good as i expected it to be , Florence hair looks really cool and the ballet dancers flying around her like birds ,Spectrum is the fifth single to be taken of "Ceremonials ",check it out .

Video Premiere :Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

Electric Guest released a music video of their debut single This Head I Hold ,the video feature different people audition for a dance part ,it looks kinda weird but i love that song ,if you never heard of Electric Guest ,i suggest you watch the video ,you like the song a lot as it has soul funk feel to it .

Video Premiere :Keane " Sovereign Light Café"

Keane debuted new music video of their new single "Sovereign Light Cafe", the video shows Tom Chaplin walking on the beach and reminiscing about the past ,the track is taken of their new album "Strangeland " which topped the album chart in UK two weeks in row ,watch the video below .

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Video Premiere :Adam Lambert "Never Close Our Eyes"

Adam Lambert released today new music video of his new single "Never Close Our Eyes ", the video looks like a Sci-Fi movie where Adam is locked in a medical facility and people around him behave like robots ,in the end they all try to escape the facility ,the video looks stunning but it doesn't fit the lyrics of the song ,press play and watch it .

New Music :The Vaccines "No Hope "

The Vaccines sure didn't wait long to release new music ,they unveiled a new single called "No Hope ", it is the first single of their new forthcoming album "The Vaccines Come Of Age", the track has the same feel of their old songs but it didn't grab me instantly ,listen to it and tell me what do you think of it

Watch Pentatonix Cover Beyonce " End of Time "

I consider Pentatonix one of the best Accappella groups so i always look forward to watch what they are going to cover next ,in this video they tackle one of the best Beyonce songs "End of Time " and in the end of the video ,they remind people that The Sing Off the show they have won has been cancelled and demand people to sign a petition to bring it back ,watch the video and tell me what do you think of the cover.

Behind The Scenes : Florence + The Machine " Spectrum "

Watch behind the scenes of filming the new Florence + The Machine new music video "Spectrum ", the video shows Florence wearing sparkling dresses and has while young ballerinas dance around her , from those scenes i can't tell that the video will look amazing so i can't wait to see the whole music video .

Monday, May 28, 2012

Video Premiere :Linkin Park"Burn It Down "

Check out Linkin Park music video of their new single " Burn It Down", the video show the band burning themselves down literally ,the song is the first single of their forthcoming album "Living Things ".


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Watch Cheryl Cole Live on The Voice UK

Check out Cheryl Cole performing her new single "Call My Name " live on the Voice UK .

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Video Premeire: " This Is Love" ft. Eva Simons

will.iam debuted a new music video of his new single This is love featuring Eva Simons ,the video features will perfroming the song on a paino in a garden while Eva Simons sing with him in a computer screen beside him then they perform the song together in the rain with dancers ,it is well shot video ,check it out below .

New Music :Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In ft. Flo Rida

Jennifer Lopez released a new single "Goin'In featuring Flo Rida ,she performed the song few days ago on American Idol finale ,the song will be included in Step Up new movie , i love this song more than Dance Again although i am not a fan of Flo Rida ,listen to the single below.


Video Premiere :Kylie Minogue "Timebomb"

Kylie Minogue celebrated her 25 year anniversary in the music biz by releasing a new single called " Timebomb ", the video is showing Kylie dancing while a car is following her ,the song is better than her most recent songs but probably not better than Can't Get You Outta My Head ,it is still unknown if it is going to be released in her greatest hits album which will be released sometime this year but i think it is going to be a hit either way ,check out the video .

Friday, May 25, 2012

watch Graffiti6 on jimmy kimmel live

Graffiti6 performed yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel live two tracks of their new album "colours " , their current single Free and their new song Stare Into The Sun ,check out the videos below .
"Stare Into the Sun"

Video Premiere :Kanye West - Lost In The World (Explicit) ft. Bon Iver

It is amazing the Kanye West is still releasing singles of the album that he released almost two years "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy " ,this video is of Lost In The World featuring Bon Iver , the video is showing girls dancing in the sky and the world literally around them ,it made me dizzy but it is visually stunning video ,press play and watch it below .

Video Premiere :Kelly Clarkson " Dark Side"

Kelly Clarkson debuted new music video of her new single "Dark Side " ,the video did a good job expressing what the song is about ,it features different people suffering from different problems as addiction ,depression and disablity ,i like the meaning of the song but i don't think it will be hit like Stronger which is more upbeat ,watch the video below .

New Music :Plan B ' Lost My Way "

Plan B released a new song called " Lost My Way ,it is the second single of his upcoming album "Ill Manors " , it has a balance between his Hip Hop sound and the Motown feel that made him famous ,check it out below .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Boyfriend' Live on Ellen

Justin Bieber performed of his smash single "boyfriend " on Ellen yesterday , i will confess that i kinda like this song although i am a fan of the biebs ,check out the video below .

Watch Kimbra on Jimmy Kimmel Live "Cameo Lover"

kimbra performed yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel live her new single " Cameo Lover , the track is taken of her new album Shadows ,check out the video below .

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sneak Peek : Linkin Park "Burn It Down "

Check out this teaser of Linkin Park new music video Burn It Down , the video will debut tomorrow on MTV .

Watch Kris Allen perform The Vision Of Love On Live With Kelly

Kris Allen performed yesterday on Live With Kelly his current single The Vision of Love ,it is taken from his wonderful album Thank You Camiella which is out now ,watch the video below.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Music :Cheryl Cole " Telescope'

Cheryl Cole shows her sensitve side in her new song "Telescope " , it is slow sad ballad that takes about cheating ,Cheryl vocals are very nice on it ,listen to the song below and tell me what do you think of it .

Watch Gavin DeGraw on Jimmy Kimmel Live

gavin Degraw was yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel and he performed two tracks ,his album title track Sweeter and his hit single "Not Over You ",check out the videos below.
"Not Over You"

Monday, May 21, 2012

Watch Katy Perry perform Wide Awake Live at Billboard Music Awards

Katy Perry performed her new song Wide Awake for the first time live at Billboard Music Awards,it is taken of her repackeged album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection , watch the video below .


Watch Beach House perform Myth Live on Late Show with David Letterman

Indie Band Beach House performed their current single "Myth" on David Letterman Show , it is taken of their new album "Bloom " ,enjoy .

The xx peform new song " As I Am " Live

The xx debuted a new song in a show they were playing in London few days ago ,the song which is called "As I Am" sound similar to the songs in their debut album ,mellow , dreamy and beautiful ,they supposed to release new material this year ,i hope it will be soon because i can't wait for their new album ,watch the video below .


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watch a Perview of Adam Lambert new Music Video "Never Close Our Eyes"

Watch rhis 17 seconds teaser of Adam Lambert new Music Video "Never Close Our Eyes",the whole video will be released next week .

Watch Mick Jagger perform on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live ended their season on a high note with Mick Jagger ,after all these years Jagger still is one of the best live performers ,three differents but amazing artists joined him ,first Arcade Fire then Jeff Beck and finally he performed a medly with Foo Fighters ,watch the videos below .

Mick Jagger & Arcade Fire "The Last Time"
Mick Jagger & Jeff Beck "Tea Party"
Mick Jagger & Foo Fighters "Medley"


Video Premiere:Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice "Make It In America"

Victoria Justice from Nickelodeon hit show Victorious released a music video for her song "Make It In America ",i don't know anything about the show but i like Victoria's voice and the song sounds like a hit ,the video feature Victoria travelling with her convertible car and performing the song with the show cast members ,press play and the watch the video.

Video Premiere :Graffiti6 " Stare Into The Sun"

Graffiti6 are one of the most interesting new bands because they have electic sound ,they first released "Free" which is very old school soul but their new single " Star Into The Sun " is totally different , it has a mellow new wave sound but with a great melody ,the video has a lot of moving colours that is reminiscence of the 80s videos ,watch the video below .

Watch Nelly Furtado perform Big Hoops live at Chatty Man with Alan Carr

Nelly Furtado appeared yesterday with british comedian Alan Carr show Chatty Man to perform her new single "Big Hoops " with dancers playing hoops behind her ,watch the performance below .

Friday, May 18, 2012

Watch Regina Spektor perform "All The Rowboats" Live on The Late Show With David Letterman

Regina Spektor is always amazing to watch live, watch her playing her paino and performing her new single "All The Rowboats" live The Late Show With David Letterman.

Watch Adam Lambet perform Never Close Our Eyes Live on American Idol


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side ft. Chris Brown

Nicki Minaj premiered today her collaboration with Chris Brown " Right By My Side ", the track is taken from Minaj latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded , there is nothing special going in the video except that the rapper Nas appear in the video as Minaj love interest ,watch it below .

Watch a Preview of Usher new song Twisted ft. Pharrell


Video Premiere : Labrinth " Express Yourself"

Labrinth released a new music video for his fourth single "Express Yourself ", the video features different people expressing themselves in a weird way ,cops destoying a car ,a drummer entering a house ,people dancing in a supermarket ,the video fits the Motown feel of the song ,watch the video below .


Watch Fun perform We Are Young and cover Gotye Video on BBC Radio1 Live Lounge

Altrenative band fun were yesterday's music guest on BBC 1 Live Lounge with Fearne Cotton ,they performed their smash hit single We Are Young and then Hayley Williams from paramore joined them from L.A and they did a lovely cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know, watch the videos below .

We Are Young

"Somebody That I Used To Know

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video premiere :Calvin Harris - Let's Go ft. Ne-Yo

Calvin Harris debuted a new music video for his hit single Let's Go featuring Ne-Yo ,the video is showing three couples from L.A , Tokyo and Rio taveling and dancing together ,honestly i like the video more than the song itself ,it features some great shots and dances moves that makes the song look better ,it is strange that Calvin Harris keep releasing singles but doen't have release date for his new album ,that makes me think that albums doesn't matter much for pop artists ,watch the video below.


Watch Tenacious D perform Roadie Live on The Late Show With David Letterman


Watch Carrie Underwood and Alanis Morissette perform Live on Dancing With The Stars

Carrie Underwood-Good Girl
Alanis Morissette - Guardian

Watch Victoria Justice Perform 'Make It in America' Live on Ellen


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Music - This Is Love ft. Eva Simons achieved more success as a producer and a member of The Black Eyed Peas than as a solo artist but that didn't discourge him from releasing songs under his own name , he debuted a track called This Is Love featuring Eva Simons ,the song is produced by him of course and Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello ,it is basically a sing along song in which will.i.a.m and Eva Simons repeat this is love so many times with auto tune sound ,it isn't not as good as The Black Eyed Peas tracks but who knows it could be a hit ,listen to it below .

Watch Scissor Sisters perform Only The Horses Live on The Voice UK


New Music :Ne-Yo "Lazy Love "

Although Ne-Yo is considered r&b artist ,his most successful songs lately were dance pop songs like Let's Go and Give Me Everything ,but in his new single "Lazy Love", he retuns to r&b roots , the song is nothing sepcial but NE_YO voice is nice on it ,the track is the first single of his new album R.E.D due in fall ,listen to the song below and tell me what do you think.

New Music :John Mayer "Queen of California"

John Mayer is ready to release his new album Born And Raised new week and while you are waiting for the whole album ,here is another track that he released few days ago ,it called " Queen Of California" ,and it confirms to me more that John's new album will have a country twang ,honestly i prefer his pop bluesy side more but the song is nice .listen to below .

Video Premiere :Florence + The Machine " Breath Of Life"

Florence + The Machine released a video for their new track " Breath Of Life " which is included in the new movie " snow White and The Huntsmen "starring Kristin Stewart and Charlize Theron , the video features Florence recording the track in the studio with some scenes from the movie that looks epic it makes me want to watch the movie ,watch the video below .

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Music :Ke$ha " Pretty Lady "

a new track by kesha has been surfuced online ,the song which is called " pretty lady " is celebration of drag queens , i am not fan of kesha but i will admit that the song has a nice drum beat , its main problem is that doesn't have the hook of her past hits ,but may be it won't be single and it just a buzz song ,listen to it below .

New Music : Chris Brown featuring David Guetta " Don't Wake Me Up "

It seems like Chris Brown want his fans to listen to all song on his new album Fortune before it comes out on July 3 , another song from the album makes it radio debut , the song is collaboration with superstar producer David Guetta who was responsible for Beautiful People becoming a hit ,the song start with lovely vocals from Chris but then the auto tune machine comes in and ruin the song for me ,however ,i have no doubt that the song will be a hit just because David Guetta songs are all hits even most of them are very similar ,listen to the song below and tell me is it going to be a hit .

Watch Usher live on Saturday Night Live

Usher was this week musical guest on SNL with comedian Will Farell ,he peformed two tracks of his upcoming album Looking 4 Myself ,his hit single Climax and his new song " Scream " ,watch the videos below .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Watch Carrie Underwood on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Carrie Underwood was yesterday guest on Jimmy Kimmel live ,his interview with her includs a funny duet called " before he freaks " then she performed two trackS from her latest album Blown Away ,her single Good Girl and another song called " Live Love Alone " watch all the videos below .

New Music : Azealia Banks" Jumanji"

Azealia Banks debutted today new song called Jimanji , the track will be included in her new mixtape Fantastic which will be released this summer ,the song which has explicit words is avaliable for free download ,i love the beat of the song although i couldn't understand the lyrics ,listen to it and tell me what do you think .

Video Premiere :Maroon 5 " Payphone " ft. Wiz Khalifa

Maroon 5 debuted a new music video for their new hit single Payphone featuring Wiz Khalifa , the video which i imagine cost millions is like a part of a thriller movie ,it shows Adam Levine working in bank and then a after a gang enter the bank ,he tries to be a hero and escape it with a hot female employee, the video is very entertaining to watch although there is no need for it since the song is already a huge hit ,watch it and tell me what do you think of it .

Watch Florence + The Machine Perform No Light, No Light Live on The Late Show With David Letterman


Watch Jennifer Lopez and David Cook perform Live on American Idol Results Show

Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again"
David Cook “The Last Song I’ll Write For You”


Video Premiere Ed Sheeran "Small Bump "

Ed Sheeran released new music video for " Small Bump " which is the fifth single of his debut album + ,the video shows ed sitting in a hospital while people came and dissapear in front of him ,the song has a pretty acoustic vibe ,but it isn't as catchy as his pervious single, however i won't be surpised if it become another hit for him since all of his single reached the top 10 0n UK ,watch the video and tell me what do you think.


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