Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watch Graffiti 6 Perform " Free" Live Acoustic


Listen to John Mayer Cover of Lana Del Rey Video Games

it is sad that John Mayer cancelled his tour plans because of problems in his throat but it is good that he still can play his guitar ,he posted instrumental cover of Lana Del Rey's Video Games ,the cover is very blusey and it remind us that John Mayer is one of the best guitar players in his generation ,John new album Born and Raised will be released in The US on May 22 .

Listen to Preview of Nelly Furtado New Single "Big Hoops "

It has been really long time since Nelly Furtado was on the airwaves but she is finally ready to release new music and she is giving the fans a taste of her new single " Big Hoops " and it sounds like an awesome hip hop pop song , the full song will be released soon ,listen to it below.


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