Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston Watch her perfoming and winning her first Grammy Award

I was shocked like everyone else around the world when i knew that legendary singer Whitney Houston has died , although she wasn't making music like she used to and her glory days are long gone , i discovered how much i love her voice when i found that she is gone , she is one of a kind ,no can sing like her ,she can hit all the high notes without making an effort and with a lot of emotion and intensity ,she inspired and Will still inspire a lot of young singers and many imitated her but no will come ever close to her .
today is the 54th Grammy awards and Whitney Houston death will cast a dark shadow upon the ceremony and there will be a tribute for her by Jennifer Hudson ,i searched for Whitney videos and i found a video of her performing Saving All My Love For You at the Grammys in 1986 and winning her first award for best pop vocal performance ,her cousin Dionne Warwick handed her the award and hugged her ,the performance was breathtaking ,watch it and discuss what did you felt when you heard of her death and which of her songs was your favorite .


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