Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Music :Ke$ha " Pretty Lady "

a new track by kesha has been surfuced online ,the song which is called " pretty lady " is celebration of drag queens , i am not fan of kesha but i will admit that the song has a nice drum beat , its main problem is that doesn't have the hook of her past hits ,but may be it won't be single and it just a buzz song ,listen to it below .

New Music : Chris Brown featuring David Guetta " Don't Wake Me Up "

It seems like Chris Brown want his fans to listen to all song on his new album Fortune before it comes out on July 3 , another song from the album makes it radio debut , the song is collaboration with superstar producer David Guetta who was responsible for Beautiful People becoming a hit ,the song start with lovely vocals from Chris but then the auto tune machine comes in and ruin the song for me ,however ,i have no doubt that the song will be a hit just because David Guetta songs are all hits even most of them are very similar ,listen to the song below and tell me is it going to be a hit .

Watch Usher live on Saturday Night Live

Usher was this week musical guest on SNL with comedian Will Farell ,he peformed two tracks of his upcoming album Looking 4 Myself ,his hit single Climax and his new song " Scream " ,watch the videos below .


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