Saturday, April 14, 2012

Video Premiere :Bruce Springsteen " Death To My Hometown"

Bruce Springsteen debuted a new music video for " Death to My Hometown ", it is the second single of his latest album " Wrecking Ball ", the video is simply featuring Springsteen performing the song live on his tour with the E Street band ,he is very enthusatic and engertric as always while he is talking about the corrupation and the greedniess that led to the latest reccession that America still suffers from ,enjoy watching it .

Video Premeire :Rebecca Ferguson "Glitter & Gold"

Rebecca Ferguson released a new music video for her third single " Glitter and Gold " ,the video is featuring Rebecca standing in a party full of rich but prententious people while she is singing that glitter and gold won't make you happy and that you should take of your soul ,wise words ,watch it below .

Watch Arctic Monkeys Perform "R U Mine?" Live on Conan


New Music: Alexandra Burke " Let It Go"

Alexandra Burke debuted a new single called " Let It Go ", it is the second single of her new album Heartbreak On Hold which will be released May 27 in The UK , it is a dance party song ,it is a little generic but i like it better than Elephant , so it could be another hit for the X Factor winner,listen to it below and tell me what do you think .


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