Friday, April 6, 2012

Scissor Sisters Collaborate with Calvin Harris on a new song "Only The Horses " Listen to it here

Scissor Sisters debuted today on BBC Radio 1 their new single " only the horses " which is produced by Calvin Harris and Alex Didha ,it is taken from their upcoming album " Magic Hour which will be released in the UK on May 28 ,it is typical club track that you would expect from them but i don't think it is memorable enough to be a single and i prefer Shady Love which was released few months back although it is more different than their usual sound ,listen to below and tell me do you guy think ?

Is Jack White New Music Video "Sixteen Saltines" Too Weird ?

Jack White premiered today his new music video of his new single " Sixteen Saltines" which is taken of his album "Blunderbuss" which will be released on April 23, i have to say although i love the guitar playing of the song ,i didn't get the video ,it is showing a lot of weird stuff among them a kids getting tattooed , a kid eating in a coffin ,someone put a plastic bag on his head to suffocate himself and in the end of the video Jack White appears to be tied in the back of a car and a teen try to burn it ,i don't mind some videos being weird if there is a meaning in the end but i think it is weird just be look cool ,do you agree with me ,watch and tell me what do you think ?

Video Premiere :Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again ft. Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez debuted today a new music video for her new song Dance Again featuring Pitbullwhich was released last week ,the video is showing her falling between a body of men then she start to dance with them , her boyfreind Jasper Smart is also in the video and they look good together and needless to say she looks hot and the song looks like it will be a big hit ,Watch it and tell me what do you think .

Watch Kellie Pickler and The wanted perform Live On American Idol Results Show

Kellie Pickler - Where's Tammy Wynette

The wanted -Glad You Came



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