Monday, February 27, 2012

keane are back watch them talk about their new album Strangeland

Keane are one of my favorite bands and i hoping that they release new music this year ,so i was happy when they announced today that they will release their fourth studio album Strangeland on May7th, they made a video where they talk about they are happy and more self assured now and they think that this album is their best one , i hope so and from the snippets that they played during the trailer , i think the songs are going to be good ,watch and tell me are you excited for Keane's return.

New Music Madonna debuts New Song "Girl Gone Wild "

Madonna debuted today her new single " Girl Gone Wild" ,the song will be her second single of her new album MNDA , it is an uptempo party track which is tailor made for the top 40 radio ,it is not groundbreaking like Ray Of Light or Like A Prayer but it is miles better than give me all your lovin which i tried to like but i couldn't ,there is a lyric video with the song , listen and tell me know what do you think.

Classic Videos "a-ha - Hunting High And Low"

My classic video choice this week is from a-ha who were known for their timeless videos ,remember Take On Me music video,well this isn't their only good video ,i chose Hunting High and Low and it is the title of their first album which was released on 1986,the video shows the lead singer"Morten Harket"turns into an eagle and a shark and a lion" in order to be near the woman he loves ,the video is visually stunning and moving and the song is a beautiful ballad ,watch and tell me what do you think ?

New Music Video Arctic Monkeys " R U Mine?"

Arctic Monkeys debuted today a new music video of their new song "R U Mine?",the song isn't on their latest album Suck It and See and it still unknown if it is going to be a single for their next album ,anyway the song has amazing guitar riffs and it reminds me of their early songs ,press play and enjoy.

watch Jimmy Fallon sing Pearl Jam" Jeremy"

jimmy Fallon made impressions of lot of famous singers like Neil Young ,Jim Morrison and Justin Bieber and this time ,he covered Pearl Jam classic hit " Jeremy"but he of course changes the lyrics to talk about kincks point guard Jeremy Lin ,he succeeded in imitating Eddie Vedder voice and the lyric are so funny ,i think Fallon is the most inventive late show host right now ,watch and enjoy


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