Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video premiere :John Mayer " Shadow Days"

John Mayer debuted a new music video for his new single " Shadow Days " ,the video is showing John touring america with his car and playing his guitar ,the video has a country vibe which fits the song ,i still not crazy about this song and frankly i miss the days when John Mayer used to write pop songs but i am looking forward to his new album " Born and Raised which will be released on May 22 in the us ,watch the video and tell me what do you think of it .

video premeire :Foster The People " Houdini"

Foster The People released a new music video for their new single " Houdini", the track is taken of their debut album " Torches ", the idea of the video is little weird ,it shows the band perform the song then the stage equipments fall over them and i will let you watch what happens next but i will tell that the band shows some good dance moves ,i think Houdini is one of the best tracks of the album and i think it deserves to be another big hit for them but apparently people are still stuck on " Pumped Up Kicks " ,watch the video and tell me what do you think of it .


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