Monday, April 16, 2012

New Music : Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa " Payphone "

Maroon 5 new single "Payphone " has been released on radio today ,it the first single of their new album " Overexposed",it is a break up song with sweet pop melody that Adam Levine could be singing to the supermodel he broke up with last week ,it is very catchy but i think Wiz Khalifa rap on it is useless ,the band are going to perform the song on tonight's live show of The Voice and the song will be released on iTunes tomorrow ,listen to it and tell me what do you think of it .

New Music : Listen to Nelly Furtado New Single Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)

After teasing the fans last week with a little ,Nelly Furtado finally released today her new single " Big Hoops (Bigger The Better ) ,it is the first single of her new album The Spirit Indestructible which will be released in June ,the song has hip hop dance vibe which made her loose album successful ,it is a little annoying but it is what is a pop song supposed to be ,if you don't like you will find the lyrics going through your mind after listening to it ,i think it has a chance of being a hit because it is a song you can dance or work out to ,listen to it below and tell me if you like it .

Video Premiere :Keane " Disconnected"

Keane released today new music video of their new song " disconnected " , it seems like they are releasing it as a single with " silenced by the night " ,the video looks like a part of a scary movie ,it features the band singing in a haunted house where a young lady watching n lot of scary things and in the end it turns out that she was dreaming ,i think the song is good but i love " silenced by the night " more ,Keane new album Strangeland will be released on on May 7 in the UK and May 8 on the US.

New Music : Listen to Linkin Park New Single " Burn It Down "

Linkin Park are ready to release new music ,they debuted today a new single called " Burn It Down ", it is a the first single of their fifth studio album " Living Things " which will be out on June 25 in the UK and June 26 in the US.
i think the track sounds like a typical Linkin Park song but i need to listen to it few times before making a final judgement ,listen to it below and tell me what do you think .

Video Premiere :The Temper Trap " Need Your Love"

The Temper Trap released today music video for " Need Your Love " which is the first single of their self titled new album ,the video is kinda inspired by The Karate Kid, it features a boy who loses in a karate fight and then go to a karate master in order in be better in karate and in the end he saves the boy who won over him from bullies ,the album will be out May 15 in Australia ,May 21 in Europe and June 5 in US .


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