Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Video premiere : keane " Silenced By The Night"

Keane debuted today new music video of their new single " Silenced By The Night", it is the first single of their new album Strangland which will be released on May 7 in the UK and May 8 on the US, the video is showing two lovers driving in the desert and celebrating ,i am glad that Keane returned to their piano rock roots after try to experiment with different sound in their last album Perfect Symmetry ,i doubt that silenced by the night will be a big hit like somewhere only we know but it will encourage their old fans who loved Hopes and Fears like me to buy this new album ,press play and watch the video .

Video Premeire: Kris Allen " The Vision Of Love"

I have been waiting for this video since i listened to Kris Allen new single the Vision Of Love ,it is finally here , the video is talking about a very hot issue right now which is bullying and loneliness between teens ,it shows two teens one is suffering from bullying and the other is feeling lonely and invisible ,and Kris is sitting in front of a piano performing the song and looking handsome ,the video is well done and it express well what the song is about ,i can't insist more about how much i love this song which is available on Itunes and the album which is titled " Thank You Camellia will be released on May 22 ,do you like the video and do you think the song will be a hit ,watch the video and then write your thoughts .

Watch Rascal Flatts and Seal Perfrom Live on Dancing With The Stars Results Show

Rascal Flatts -Changed
Seal - Lean On Me



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