Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Video Premiere :Adam Lambert "Never Close Our Eyes"

Adam Lambert released today new music video of his new single "Never Close Our Eyes ", the video looks like a Sci-Fi movie where Adam is locked in a medical facility and people around him behave like robots ,in the end they all try to escape the facility ,the video looks stunning but it doesn't fit the lyrics of the song ,press play and watch it .

New Music :The Vaccines "No Hope "

The Vaccines sure didn't wait long to release new music ,they unveiled a new single called "No Hope ", it is the first single of their new forthcoming album "The Vaccines Come Of Age", the track has the same feel of their old songs but it didn't grab me instantly ,listen to it and tell me what do you think of it

Watch Pentatonix Cover Beyonce " End of Time "

I consider Pentatonix one of the best Accappella groups so i always look forward to watch what they are going to cover next ,in this video they tackle one of the best Beyonce songs "End of Time " and in the end of the video ,they remind people that The Sing Off the show they have won has been cancelled and demand people to sign a petition to bring it back ,watch the video and tell me what do you think of the cover.

Behind The Scenes : Florence + The Machine " Spectrum "

Watch behind the scenes of filming the new Florence + The Machine new music video "Spectrum ", the video shows Florence wearing sparkling dresses and has while young ballerinas dance around her , from those scenes i can't tell that the video will look amazing so i can't wait to see the whole music video .


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