Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Music Listen to Kris Allen " Vision of Love (Remix)"

it has been a long time since we heard new music from Kris Allen and that's why i became so excited when i listened to this song , Finnish DJ's Maisen& Dragen tweeted their remix for his new song " Vision of Love", it is still unknown if this song will be his first single but i won't be surprised if it is because the remix is really catchy and addictive although I am not a big club music fan and i can imagine that the original version could be a big hit , Kris said in a recent interview that his single will be released on Feb and the album will come in may or June ,i think Kris is one of the underrated idol winners and this remix make think that may be finally he will get his big break ,listen and tell me what do you think.


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