Friday, February 17, 2012

New Music listen to 60 second snippet of John Mayer new single" Shadow Days "

John Mayer finally is ready to release new music ,yesterday he posted on his blog a teaser for his fans of his new single "shadow days" which will be the first single from his new album "born and raised " ,he wrote "Here’s a clip of the first single off Born and Raised, called “Shadow Days.” I’m excited to share the first bit of sound from the album… Been looking forward to a post like this since October 14, 2010, the first day I started writing this group of songs, enjoy.
i listened to the snippet and although it is hard to judge a song based on 60 second of it , i think that it has a country vibe which is different from his old pop bluesy songs which i love, i am not a massive country music fan so i am afraid i won't like it but i will reserve my final judgement until i listen to the full single and it seems that John is apologizing for his trouble making days and saying that these days are from his past, Born and Raised will be released sometime in the spring ,listen to the snippet and tell me if you are excited to listen to the full song.


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