Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 best "Somebody That I Used To Know " Covers

Gotye and Kimbra 's incredible song Somebody that i used to know is the one of the few songs that managed to reach number one all over the world ,and when a song reach this high level of success ,everyone try to sing his own version of it ,some succeed and others don't , i watched a lot of covers of the song on YouTube and here the covers that i enjoyed the most .

10- Eskimo Joe cover
this cover made me LOL the band here collaborated with the computer program to sing Kimbra part with them .

9- Michael Schulte & Max Giesinger cover
those two singer are from Germany and although their accent is very obvious ,their voices are really good .

7-glee cover :
This could be the most famous cover of the song because it is coming from hit show and two stars "Darren Criss and Matt Bomer " and although Gotye himself wasn't happy about the cover ,i like it because they used unpredictable song to explain a troubled relationship between two brothers .

8- Sam Tsui A cappella cover
this one looks little weird as there are several versions of Sam Tsui singing the chorus with him but if you listened to it well ,you will enjoy the guy's voice .

6- Walk off the Earth cover
this one is one of the most famous and successful covers of the song ,the whole band standing and playing one guitar ,they managed to give the song pretty acoustic vibe .

5-Fun featuring Hayley Williams cover
fun recorded that cover for BBC Radio 1 live lounge and haley's wonderful vocals made it more speical .
4-Rita Ora cover
this cover was performed for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge ,if you believe that Rita Ora is just a Rihanna knockoff ,i highly recommend that you listen to this cover , the girl has good voice .

3-Christina Grimmie Cover
this one comes from Christina Grimmie who is one of YouTube sensations , she make a lot of faces that distract from their singing but she know how to interpret a song .

2-Pentatonix cover
The Sing Off winners Pentatonix is my favorite A Capella group ,when they put their magic on any song ,they make it better ,watch their amazing cover of Whitney Houston How Will I Know Here , this cover is even greater ,i hope they put all their covers in one album ,i am sure it will be sell lots of copies .

1- Jake Coco and Madilyn Bailey cover
i thought i was going to choose Pentatonix as the best cover but when i watched this video it blew me away ,jake and madilyn easily transcended the original version and made the song their own ,they managed to express the anger and vunerability of the song in a unique ,i will be surprised if those two amazing singers didn't become stars ,they got it ,this is a must watch video .
what do you think of my ranking ,is there any cover of the song that i have forgetten , post it in the comments section .


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